Zexah Application

Howdy there.

Returning to WoW after about a 9 year hiatus, I am 26 going on 27. Been playing games ever since I was 14 from FPS to MMO and everything in between. Dragonflight has brought me back for a newfound love of WoW and looking for a fun group. I am very laid back, nothing really gets to me. Used to do some raiding back in MoP and before but just now getting back into the groove of things.

I recently got two new puppies, 7 months old now and I believe if they both put their tiny brains together they could definetly play my warlock with the best of them.

Overall just looking for some laid back people to enjoy the game with and have a sense of community.

Hi Zexah!

Puppies are an instant win with us, especially if they learn to throw a 30-pack of imps with impunity. =) If they can’t, not a deal breaker, there’s always hunters. =P

Please do a /who Get Off My Lawn the next time you’re online and ask anyone for an officer who will do a painless (mostly) interview and send you an invite.