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As discussed last week, here is our new forum for sharing nifty, thrifty and time saving ideas, so that we can all get back to enjoying WoW! As I have time, I’ll try to copy over some of the posts from the SSC forum, or please feel free to copy your own posts here to save me some effort =D

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Now I will expect at least 50 unique uses for baking soda by the end of the week… chop chop.

well i came across a while back and think it meets your 50 baking soda ideas and more. I have used several so thought i should share:D

I’m pretty sure you guys already know this but there might be a few people who dont
There is an add on called Carbonite and along side with alot of really useful features it also acts as a GPS for your quests cutting their time down loads, Also I find queuing for battle grounds while questing really good for leveling dungeons tend to be a little tedious for me and the items are usually pretty much on par with the higher lvl quests available to you.
Other than that with Carbonite on your map it will also show what lvls you should be in what area:D really helpful:D