The Contest is Over! The Food is Judged!

Congratulations Odomak on your victory! It was a close fight, but in the end, Odo’s tater tot terror just edged out Jahnava’s crazy cyrillic crepes by only one vote!

My thanks to all those who posted recipes for the contest, and to those who helped vote in our winner! To the runners-up, a big round of applause and a pile of northern spices are heading your way!

Grats, Odo! Your cuisine reigned supreme!

And thanks to everyone who submitted recipes, voted (including Sagan!) and of course, a big GOML thank you to Aulm for putting on the contest.

Our Academy is still open to new recipes, so feel free to post your tastiest dishes.

I did not vote!! hehe

And I’ll submit my poptart toasting recipes soon! lol

Awgy and I cooked as many recipes as we could before the end of the contest. It was a yummy week! hehe

Crab, your chow mein was the kind of dish that I would expect at one of those family run authentic style restaurants. We will definitely be making that in the future. Plus, it made the house smell really awesome for the rest of the night!

Capin, the sauce alone in your lasagna is worth making that recipe for. Whether you make it with the tofu, like we did, or use meat instead, I would highly recommend trying this recipe even if you have ‘mama’s recipe’. You may find you want to make both types as they taste different enough to crave them at different times.

Odo, it may cause a heartattack, but who wants to live forever eating carrot sticks? This was a damn tasty, very modifiable and easy to assemble dish. You earned your title hehe.

Calystra, I did not get to make your soup in time, but rest assured, I absolutely will as soon as I get my hands on a big old chicken. /eyeballs a boomkin It has comfort food written all over it.

Xham, I had never had Pecan Pie before, being from NJ and all. The one we made did come out a little runny, most like as a result of our clueless efforts. We did eat it though and can tell that real pie made by someone who has had it once before attempting to make it is sinful.

Java, I once heard that anything made with Vodka is awesome… or was that flammable? No matter! Any type of thin crepe style item that you can stuff with naughty bits just rocks. Your directions were very informed, and I could tell you’ve made your own recipe for a long time because of it. =D

Thanks to everyone who made the ‘Mirgy’ household full of cooking mayhem, fire (zomg firetrucks!), and delicious food! Please keep those recipes coming. Because there is at least one person in Goml who is trying them in her quest to “cook good”.