Smartphone Apps

What’s your favorite iPhone or Android app?


My company stuck us with crappy Moto-Q’s until January, so my favorite app is bubble breaker. :frowning:

Movie*Slate-Acts as a smart slate for when you’re on location shoots. You probably have no use for it and its like $30.00 but you told me to list it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Facebook-time sucker.
Google/Google Calendar
Urbanspoon-Fun if you need a place to eat.
Chipotle-We talked about this. It’s awesome. So shut up :stuck_out_tongue:
Fandango-Theaters and movies near you!
Meebo-Links your Gmail Chat, Facebook chat, AIM, and other accounts and you can instant message from your phone. You still get friends’ messages while you have the app closed, which is nice.
Convert Units-Great for when I’m cooking or baking
LOLcats-…yes, I’m amused easily, OK?
Angry Birds
Plants vs. Zombies
Of course the WoW Authenticator! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have various other stupid apps I play with occasionally but these are just the ones I use more.

Here are the ones that I use:

Google Maps
Epocrates - great for drug info
Bump - if others have it, you can exchange contact info really easily
and the Authenticator :slight_smile:

drinks free
cbc hockey
wow armory

Oh yeah, forgot google maps. Love that.

Forgot Google Voice. Love, love, LOVE it!

I wish that they would release a build for Android :frowning:

They have one. I have it on my Droid

An official app from Blizzard I meant.

M:IQ is a free app from Best Buy that lets you back everything up and view it online.

So I’m finally about to get a phone smart enough to run apps on, anyone have any new/recent additions to this list for apps that they can’t live with out? Especially if they’re available for Android.