Saving Brewfest for lowbies

I’ve been approached about lower level members wanting to get this achievement, but unable to get a group due to not being able to summon the boss. Today some guildies were kind enough to bring in my 71 DK to get that oh-so-sexy Stam trinket and I’d like to do the same for others. A few particulars:

-Lvl 70 is required to pick up the “Saving Brewfest” quest and you have to complete the initial Keg x3 Delivery quest. Tho, at lvl 71, I was able to get this quest and turn it in for XP and gold, I was unable to summon Coren. No clue what level is required there. Probably 78 or so.
-There is a keq quest item in there that you have to be 65 to accept. I’m guessing, like other quest items, you can pick it up no matter what your level.
-The achievement is to kill Coren, level doesn’t matter.

So… the easiest way to do this would be to have a lock in the group to summon people in. A standard group of 3 plus 2 summons - one with the summons quest and a low level toon. Of course, if the Lock was kept static in the group, the number of people able to be summoned in would be unlimited.

I have 4 toons with summoning abilities that I’m happy to help with.

Sign up!!

I’m willing to go along and heal for these. I have the achievement but I’m willing to stand there and heal whomever you bring in… if you want to do a round-robin type thing with it  Let me know! I have the achievement on Sagan and Eli already but I’m more than willing to help others get it.

Aderynn and Astha are also both available if I’m not busy and have yet to use their summons (Astha is better off healing it until I get her def capped though, unless we’ve got some good heals to keep her up while she tanks…it’s been done). Hell, if I’m bored and you just need extra dps and not the summons, Aderynn is always in for a few extra rounds regardless. Want. Mount.

ok, we got Styk in there with her 65 lock - only one death, sorry!

who’s next? c’mon people, i know darn well you all have 9 alts between 1 and 80.