For those of you not familiar with sangria, it is a yummy summer drink essentially consisting of wine infused with fruits. It is quite refreshing, and a great thing to make at the beginning of a weekend to sip on through a nice long weekend.
There are a ton of Sangria recipes out there, but I discovered one that is full of win. This one is more of a base recipe - you can get very creative with it if you want. I would suggest starting with playing around with different fruits that are in season, and going from there.

Disclaimer: The most common complaint about this recipe is that people don’t make enough of it. Because of that, I wrote the recipe using 2 bottles of wine, because you will find that just one bottle runs out WAYY too quickly. But 2 bottles seems to be the perfect amount for a long weekend or a dinner party.

2 bottles of red wine - I’d suggest a Tempranillo or Rioja (Lan Rioja works out quite well for this)
2 oranges
3 lemons (2 to cut up and 1 for juice)
2 peaches
2/3 cup brandy
1/3 cup triple sec
2 cups orange juice

Cut 2 oranges and 2 lemons in thin slices, dice 2 peaches in 1/2 - 1 inch squares. Place them in 1 or 2 large pitchers. Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon into the pitcher. Add the wine, brandy, triple sec, and orange juice. Mix and place in the refrigerator, and let sit overnight. The sangria will be ready to drink the next day - it’s extra good if you add 2-3 pieces of the infused fruit into each glass of sangria.



That being said, these are two rather different recipes–particularly with the gin versus brandy bit, which is a debate I’m too sober to touch. Though, I must scold you on your lack of pineapple. There’s nothing quite as delicious as pineapple soaked in booze, and I’ve often found myself at odds with the rest of the partygoers over the last piece.

oops! totally forgot about your earlier recipe, aulm, or I would have added this one to your thread! I’m not a huge pineapple fan, but maybe I’ll try out adding some the next time I make this. :slight_smile:

They’re different enough to stand on their own, I think. Mine is less traditional, much sweeter (thanks to the added sugar, which can easily be skipped), and is really aimed more at people who are not big red wine drinkers.

Also, mine is fizzy. :biggreen:

Being a big red wine drinker myself, I’ll have to try your version, though I am not quite sold on the brandy…

Thanks Mikey - going to try this one out at my wife’s BD party next weekend. 50 adults going through their mid-life crisis at once should make for a lively event.

And Aulm … The gin will be used for the Martini’s, although I am going to have to try it in Sangria as well some time soon.