Riki Tiki Tak

Hello everyone

It was Lionel that introduced me to you guys. First off I am so sorry you all have had to suffer through everything that is Lionel. Its been a few weeks of coming out to the Tuesday and Thursday’s open raid, and it has been nothing but a positive experience. I love the atmosphere, and would like to continue being apart of this group and join the guild :wink:

I’m 27 years old, and live in Texas I’m Currently a Police Officer and certified EMT looking to switch over to the Fire Service, because I honestly would rather take naps and save kittens. Jebraxis and Lionel are my real life friends, I’ve known these fools for quite a long time now. Besides when I’m in the hood dealing with people, I’m a rather quiet person. For the most part its hard to get me upset. I can get a little sassy, but its all in good fun :slight_smile:

Gaming, I have been playing video games since I was a youngin. My father had an old DOS and would bring me collections of old games to play, and since then I have always been at it. Along with video games, I also enjoy table top games and just Music, any and everything. As far as Wow goes its been an ongoing love affair. All of my Characters in game have or start with Rik, So… just call me Rik

I also have my Boxer Cassie, who is treated and fed far better than I am. Damn dog…

Thanks everyone!!!

Awesome Rikarth! Just keep an eye out for an officer, or ask any member to check if one’s online.