Pretzel Wrapped Bacon Sticks

It’s incredibly easy and quick to make.

What you need:
Pretzel Rods
Bacon (I would say the thicker the better)
Cookie Sheet
Oh, and an oven. (DUH)

Preheat Oven to 375.

Take one piece of bacon and wrap it around a pretzel rod, so it’s covered from top to bottom, lay on cookie sheet. Rinse, lather, repeat until you have like 8 rods on the sheet.

Put in oven and bake for like 10-15 minutes. The time kinda varies on how thick the bacon is cut and how you like your bacon cooked. For some reason the crispy bacon isn’t as good to me with these, but that’s a personal preference.

Oooh… I bet those are good!

Uggers and I will have to make those!

I can only hope they are good as the turtles i made. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

As simple as this seems, it might be a great little snack. My only addition to it would be some nice cheese to dip them into, and a nice cold beer on the side. Now my mouth is watering and I still have 4 hours at work to go. Why must you do this to me?!