OpenRaid having issues, post here if you didn't sign up in time.

Howdie all,

Openraid is having some issues. If you are trying to sign up for this week, but can’t, post here. Same rules apply as normal (regs priority, and then I fill with new members, or those from the other night’s group).

Please try to be on at start time, since I expect invites will be a little more challenging than normal is this is not fixed in time. If you’re running late (minus Ruby or Mikey), also post here so I know. I 100% expect to make some mistake with invites if the site is down and we’re still running at full raid size, so I apologize profusely in advance.Best way to know you’ll have a spot, however, is to be on time. Please come and chat with me if it happens to be you that gets left out for some reason.

Ok not just me, cool!

But yeah, i’ll be here both times this week. Hopefully everything will get back up here soon.

I do have tabs open on my laptop of my approvals up to Saturday and who I was attempting to approve when things went down. I’ll invite off of that first, and then fill with those who contacted me after. This means that we are already nearly full, but a few spots remain for tonight, and a few extra for Thursday (since the signup was 2 days later). Again, thanks for your patience & understanding if this means that someone gets left out. I know OR was semi-sold off, but was supposed to keep working as usual with the owner running it. Likely this is temporary while they do the integration. If it becomes more long term, we’ll figure out a solution.