i am looking to join get of my lawn because of its name and its how i feel when i see people on my lawn :stuck_out_tongue:
i play arpg’s/rpgs/rts and mmo’s of all kinds i watch anime religiously. i am 28 years old.
i have played everything from ping pong on the atari to xbox one.
i have been playing and raiding since 2 weeks before bc.
i play alot of different games but usually stick with mmos i am very open minded to anything its just my personality.
i have a sense of humor ( i think so anyway)

im looking for a home and an active voice comm atleast some of the time my last guild wasnt at all active in the voice comm

i was born into a family that had there entertainment as video games and i was born 1987 so of course internet wasnt quite up to even diablo 1 tech yet of course

Interviewed and approved by Mir! Welcome to the lawn =D