Now for the full logo

Which logo do you prefer?

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The icon poll was very helpful. Thank you so much everyone!

Now I’d like to get your opinion on the full logo. Yes, the project is definitely WoW related. I’ll have more information for you guys very soon.

Please send me a PM or post here if you have any thoughts or opinions you’d like to share.


It’s interesting how the font can change your opinion of a logo. On the vote for the standalone logos, I voted for one of them, but now that I see them with the fonts, I voted for the other.

Same here, I like #2 the best

I would vote for a different one too … if I voted… lol

Thats wild how that can change your whole deal I like the ying yang looking one the best now

Put the 1st Icon on the 2nd Label and I’d vote for that.


I totally agree with Gummer!


Scary…but i also agree with Gummer.

okay first, NEVER agree with Gummer

And I’m the opposite, I like the text on the first one and icon on the second.