Hello - Just want to get this down while it is fresh in the memory!!! My favorite color is blue. The first Album was not vinyl it was a CD and that was Def Leppard’s - Hysteria - LOVED IT!

On a personal note I have been playing WOW for 10 years. My lovely wife roped me in when we first got together. I know Rubyrhod from the gaming sessions my wife attends on a semi annual bases. My wife and I rotate between WOW / Diablo /and Borderlands.

I have 12 Horde toons on Trollbane and 12 Alliance toons on Malygos. I am currently not active in any guilds but my own and wife’s and we are the only members lol. I am looking for a place to connect with others and have fun playing the game I love.

I am an artist who paints abstracts when I am not playing WOW.

Thank you for your consideration - I look forward to meeting you all.


Aye Matey, welcome Aboard! Lol, Love that disc too! Still listen to it from time to time.