new applicant

Hello, my nickname is Kane. I have run with you guys on openraid with the Tuesday raid group with the Demon Hunter called Kâne. I have interests in joining the guild with a new toon I just made on your guy’s server. My toon’s name is Oryan. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks ahead of time.

Damn, I didn’t add a little bit about myself. In World of Warcraft been an Officer in two guilds. Since I do technical stuff, I setup and hosted my Teamspeak and let the guild use it along with doing website things for the first guild. Even though I slowed down, I do like making Youtube videos and streaming different games I play.

I never really own an album. I have bought music CDs, but not too much into music I am more of a geek. I have had an Atari 2600 jr. which was previously owned by my father. Also had and played a lot of Super Nintendo. Miss Mega Man X.

It says reported for botting ha funny lol.


xD !! We have had a handful of people notice the first post botting thing, and mostly, they just freaked out and got angry. Glad you got the joke.

Just poke anyone to find an officer to get an invite. Worst case, I’ll get your lowbie in before the raid. =D

It was a joke?? Thought it was a feature XD

Okay now just need to remember how to use the who command.