New Applicant: Shadowfax


My wife and I are applying to your guild, since we are looking for a drama-free home with people who like to play the game for fun and not to just show how awesome they are. Although I do think my wife is pretty awesome =D… I have a level 110 Rogue named Shadowfax on Greymane, and I have been playing her since two weeks before BC. We like to do pretty much anything on any given day, depending on our mood and also what might be going on in the guild. You all seem like just what we are looking for, especially after reading your terms and guild rules. I believe I mentioned above that I dislike drama, but I am also not a fan of asshats, rude people, Elitist snobs and people who take food off my plate without asking or at least giving me something in trade. Given what you stated in your FAQ’s, and Guild Rules about this being a mature and drama free place, this seems like just the place for us. My wife’s toon is named Fourfingersam, a druid who is also typing her application right next to me. My mother-in-law will most likely be wanting to apply as well. She is pretty awesome, just like my wife. My wife is big on chatting, I myself enjoy chatting sometimes and other times just enjoy the quiet and watching other peoples chat. I do like talking especially when it comes to movies, book series I might have read, or pop culture, especially from the 80’s. I hope you will consider my application, I look forward to joining up.
Thank you
Michael Romo
AKA Shadowfax, 110 BE Rogue.

Heya Shadowfax, thanks for applying. I see you’re wife did as well but somehow her’s is attached to another persons app. If she could re-post (copy and paste is fine) under her own name that’d be awesome. Mostly so we can find it. Anyway, anytime you’re on just ask anyone in GOML if they can direct you to an officer (we call them Ancients) for a real quick interview and we’ll get you a spot on the Lawn.