Mushroom Burgers

This is a fairly simple recipe, but can be very tasty.

  • Take a large portabello mushroom. Carefully remove the stem and the interior ridges. The objective is to create a small bowl from the mushroom. Then carefully wash the mushroom.

  • Cut mozzarella cheese into small pieces and place them inside the bowl of the mushroom.

  • Customize your burger. Add additional flavoring to the bowl of the mushroom. Personally, I add a bit of blue cheese and jalapeño salsa for kick. You can add whatever you like on a burger here, though. I have used pineapple in the past for a vegetarian friend and bacon for another friend who was not. Make sure if you add meat to this that it is already cooked.

  • Cook your mushroom burger. Now, I prefer the grill since you can toast your bun at the same time, but the stovetop works nearly as well. Since there is absolutely nothing dangerous if not thoroughly cooked in this, there is no pressing need to flip your mushroom burger. However, if you judge that the material in the bowl won’t fall out, you may.

  • Eat your mushroom burger. Put your mushroom burger on a bun, add whatever condiments you want, and enjoy!