Mumble server rejected.

Mumble keeps rejecting me :frowning: . It say incorrect password or certificate. I dont remember making a certificate and not sure what it is. Am i loseing my mind ? I reintalled 4 times and deleted GOML off my server list and reinstalled and nada. Any help would be great :pray:

Now how did you go all this time without having an active forum account? lol!

I’ll go ahead and activate this one for you and then hit the Announcement/Stickies section of the forums. Under mumble, you’ll see the super secret solution to the your problem. =D

It’s not really so secret… but you know, it’s Monday and I needed it to feel more exciting than it really is.

Ok your secret is still safe because it still does not work :} I have deleted mumble and reinstalled it to make sure but i get the message. I guess you want be able to chat with the chat master me. :}

You definitely shouldn’t have to reinstall anything. It’s typically all about verifying the certificate. It’s been years since I made my profile, but I’m sure the the writeup explains how to use the certificate thingy. If you’re still having issues after double checking the install post under Announcements/Stickies, let me know and I can poke the admin for more help =)

Mindcontroll, I’ve sent you a PM with some information and a few steps you can try to get this problem worked out. Give it a read, and please keep us posted so we can get you up and running!

Just got Awgy in the mix and you should be working. If you are using a different computer, your cert was looking for the old one. We killed the cert for you and it should make a new one. (or some technical blah blah) hehe Let me know if that works, and I updated the forums for anyone else who runs into this. =)