Looking for opinions on two icons

Which icon do you prefer?

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I’m looking for which icon people gravitate towards with no context, so I’m being intentionally vague here.

If you have any opinions you can vocalize about either icon, bad or good, I’d really appreciate it! Feel free to post here or shoot me a PM.


The first one looks more dynamic to me.

I can’t look at icon one without thinking of Prussia. So I’ll go with two.

I like icon 2 but I think it would benifit from having slightly thiner lines, not as thin as icon one but like 1 pixel thinner than it is.

Icon 2 reminds me of the ying yang symbol but one kind of gives u that righteous thing lol
I went for one as ying yangs bother me

The second one reminds me of the Firefox icon, and being the Firefox freak that I am, I have to go with it :slight_smile: