I'm back

Been a member before during legion. Mostly played a cat druid named hunterpet if you remember that far back lol. Lost my account information and got new computer all that so time to come back to wow, and maybe raid a little bit with you all from time to time. Looking foreword to the fun raid that it has been in the past, and was last night as of 8/4 that is lol

I was trying to do a search for some version of your battle.net name to see if I could recover your old account, but just couldn’t find any matches so you must have been all creative or something back in Legion. xD Just post which toons you’re adding back to the guild here and we’ll make sure to get them in! Also, with OpenRaid gone, we use these forums for raid signups which go live on Sunday at 7:00pm PST every week (just look on the public “Pub” section and you’ll see all the prior weeks’ signups).

And of course, welcome back!! =D