Hivemind mount

I know there is a lot of members in the guild working on the Hivemind mount. I too purchased the necklace and then began looking into the lens process and acquiring the mount. After a while I realized I could spend considerable time acquiring all 4 lenses, or acquiring one lense and then finding 3 other people with the other three lenses to finish the 5 player content. In the end I will always require 4 other players to finish. Soooooo

I would be interested in paying for a full or partial carry. Here would be a chance for the players who took the time to acquire the lenses to recoup something for their time and effort.

Right now full carries are running about $45 USD. And thats complicated. Gold or feast exchanges are possible too. Is anyone interested in entertaining this discussion.

I know as a guild we did carries back in legion for that rare mount. Talk it up plz.

I have all 4 lenses and will be willing to help out. Free of charge.

I’m all in to do this as a guild group. I know nothing, nor have I done any of it due to holiday madness, but next week I’m diving in. =D

I would help out free of charge for guildies and friends of the guild. Everyone else could pay me in pots or gold or pets…ok, you can buy me with pretty much anything.

Mir, you may already have the necklace. I did. It was stashed in my bank. The green monocle is so easy to get (following the guide) it is ridiculous. Voila! You are good to go with a group.

i could be down.

I have all the monocles and would like to do the thing. :slight_smile:

I’m down for the mount, so far i got the yellow and green monocle. If i need to get another one i can.

I’m up for it, but I do have to get the lenses so far. I’ll try to work on it this weekend!

I am down for working on this after I finish with this move…so after Jan 3rd.

Do we want to set a date and time to try this? For me weekends would be easier, but I would be willing to stay up late one more night a week to get this done.

I’ll have free time again starting next week! Will happily start researching/farming/whatever else

I’m proposing to make an attempt on Friday, Mar 1 at 8:30PM EST. If you think you will be available at that time, let me know and I will send out an in-game calendar invite.

Five of us successfully completed the Hivemind mount challenge. If others are still interested, I am willing to set up another run once i get another toon ready. If Saturday or earlier on Sunday is better for people, just let me know.

Would love to join the next run, and promise not to believe time on the in game calendar. xD Stupid 7:30 rawr rawr.

I have all 4 monocles for the thingy and the stuffs