Guild Application: Viktor


My name is Chris, aged 37, and I’ve been a WoW player since release with a large majority of my time being on Tanaris. I have a myriad of characters, almost all of which start with Viktor (i.e Viktordes, Viktorpally, Viktordrood, etc). I’ve run the gambit of content from PvP to Raiding end game. Most notably my most active time was in the guild The Dark Legacy back in ICC. Since then I really havent been that active in guilds as I haven’t really found my niche. Currently, I’m a First Responder/Firefighter and also work for a data observability software company in the real world, so hoping to find a social guild of laid back WoW players to enjoy the upcoming and current content with.

Hey Viktor!!

It’s been a looooooong time, but I do totally remember you and that you left Goml on good terms to check out progression raiding with TDL. If you’re looking for the same laid back atmosphere, nothing’s changed since Wrath, just poke an officer next time you’re online for an invite back in.