Guild Application - TAF - Tanaris

2nd application… I applied as Soulshard but after playing warlock for a while… realized i was not very good at it so do not plan on playing him much until the altaholic part of my brain kicks in. Tried a few of my other 60s and went back to my tried and true Pally.

So, to recap from the other application. Been playing since Vanilla. I am a well seasoned veteran of WOW, I like end game content but am not driven by it. Primarily like to group and run things but also do not mind spending time farming matts and doing dailies. I have been hanging out in classic for the past year or so… but am now enjoying retail.

I am looking to get together with a group and do things and laugh. Most of the laughs will be at my expense to be expected.

Look me up… I hope to be 70 by the weekend.