Guild application - Soulshard - Tanaris

OK… lets see how I do…

  • Past gaming experience - been playing since Vanilla. Bouncing Galv on my lap as I killed Murlocs (insert Murloc growl here)
  • Personality type - ummmm… I think i have one. Tend to joke around maybe a little too much
  • Looking to try - Open for almost anything… i hear rum cherries are good.
  • Funny story - looking to make a few more. Mine are all pretty boring.
  • Pets - do kids count? Have 2 dogs… 2 cats… and 2 spawn. Both I think are in this guild.
  • How I got into gaming - Started with SWG and Champions… went WOW and never went back. Got into it when I was housebound with little spawns running around.
  • Butter keeper ---- well… lots of theories out there. Going to keep it clean with she likes butter…
  • mega bucks and an island… get a kick ass internet and isolate myself (with the exception of people I like) and play video games.

Why I want in now though… I have played with a few of you. Galv says it is fun and I want to play with him. I have played lots but never really seriously. I have a real problem with standing in stuff but recently got weak auras and GTFO so hoping to cure that. I also have an alt problem… but play fairly well but not epic on any class but willing to take suggestions on how to get better.

Let me know…