Greetings and Salutations

Hello, im octaliana call me octa, im a passionate gamer that loves to chill and have fun. whether it be mmos, fps, strategy type or some old table tops im down! I LOVE music metal or EDM/Dubstep is my choice but i like it all really (no gospel lol). i like art and all sorts of stuff ABSTRACT is my fave!! Im applying to your guild bc I was told you guys are pretty chill and laid back by some former guildies I used to run with back in cata. weve kept in touch over the years and i kinda was left with no one to chill or run with now ive ran with them from time to time they was like why dont you come hang with us in GOML? i was like hell i might, so here i am :stuck_out_tongue:

~ I started playing games as a kid id always watch my older sisters bfs and friends play nintendo and super nes i remember till this day i really got into rock music bc the game Road rash it pretty much had the entire soundgarden album on it lol i grew up playing all kinds of games it wasnt till i was older and i was introduced to wow and bam i fell down the rabbit hole haha

~my personality is a chill laid back sarcastic asshole but i never mean any harm by things i say but i also like to keep it real too so dont take me too serious if im joking with you 10/10 im prob messing with you i can take it too im not one of them kind i procrastinate alot but i still get shit done haha

~i dont rightfully understand what you mean what i wanna try in the future like how cool would it be to like do some VR mmo like in the movie Ready Player One? that would be sick

~i have neither a jazzy nor hoverround lol frankly they terrify me im a tall big guy lol if my big ass is hovering its over a plate of food or the toilet hahaha i totally made me sound like a fat ass there im not XD

~ I dont have any pets right now my GF has two dogs theyre pretty cool the weiner dog thinks hes 10ft tall and a badass lol and the blue heeler is my girl she loves playing frisbee and will steal your food if you just as much as turn your head to get your drink smh she gotten many whippings she now behaves better since ive been around.

~ well i think i covered how i got into gaming about like gaming xp and background all together.

~Why not have a butter keeper? i have one that looks like a coffin >:D its a nice convo piece lol

~ Well id pay my damn truck off buy myself a decent house decked TF out with a gaming room pool hottub and a big ass garage with some land build me a badass pc rig, def fix up my old car ive had since i was 15 its my 1st car i bought myself and i still got it and im 34 haha help my dad and mom out put some cash up for my nephew for school id honestly have a huge car collection i want a 72 chevelle so bad maybe buy a boat i like fishing go visit paris with my gf maybe take a next step in that aspect ya know as with the island i would hold badass partys maybe a music festival that would be killer. maybe throw a masters of the universe party CASTLE GREY SKULL!!! hahaha

now i realize my grammar sucks and shit punctuation so hey i tried…

this concludes my app i do look forward to possibly joining your ranks




Thank you for your detailed application.

Next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. I’m on now and will be most week nights if you wanted to whisper for a quick and painless interview.


interviewed and approved by kayse