General Guild Rules (New applicants look here!)

(**please read our philosophy page first:

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Rule #1 in GOML is to have fun - that’s why we’re all here. If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

  2. Don’t be a jerk. We don’t define it, but we all know it when we see it. If you’re a jerk, you’ll get the boot.

  3. Discord server: We have a multi-channel Discord server which you can use to just chat or for voice communication in instance runs and raids. Download the free software at . Discord is not always kid- or work-safe. If you join a channel, be aware that it may be a vast departure from what you are used to in guild chat.

  4. Guild Ranks: Our ranks are Whippersnapper, Curmudgeon, Gummer (helpful veteran members), Geezer (Jr. Officer), Ancient (Officer), and Madam GM. We also have the False Teeth rank for alt characters and the Stinky Chair for when members get feisty! Promotions are based on time in the guild and level of activity: Whippersnappers (new members) are eligible for promotion to Curmudgeon (full member) after 30 days in the guild. Full members have access to our guild bank and may have multiple alts in the guild. Geezers may participate in Officer Chat and invite alts into the guild. Ancients are responsible for interviewing and inviting new members.

  5. Recruitment and joining other guilds:
    World of Warcraft: GOML does not actively recruit new members except through our general recruitment thread on the WoW Tanaris forum; we prefer that members come to us. GOML does not condone nor tolerate the “poaching” of other guild members. Feel free to answer questions about our guild and refer potential applicants to this website, but do not ask other players to join our guild. We are not a raiding guild and therefore we have no need to recruit specific classes. Only guild officers may conduct interviews. When in doubt, always ask an officer if you have any questions about recruitment, guild policies or the guild website.

Any GOML member who is Curmudgeon rank or above can have one character in a different Tanaris Horde guild (in addition to any bank alts or alts in the GOML kiddie guild they might have). If their main is that chosen character, then they will choose which of their alts will be their new main in GOML. There are no restrictions on members having characters in alliance guilds, guilds on other servers, or guilds in other games. If you would like to transfer a character to another guild, please discuss this with an officer beforehand so that we know what is going on.

Please contact an officer or make a post in the member forum if you will be gone for an extended period of time to avoid being removed. Should you happen to be removed accidentally, please assume error over malice and simply ask to be readmitted.

  1. Guild Bank: We maintain guild banks for our full members to use. Check the Bank rules thread for information.

  2. Leaving the Guild: If you leave the guild and wish to re-join, you will need to submit an application stating why you left and why you want to get back into GOML. An officer will copy and paste the app into the Members Only section for review and delete the public post. The application will stay open for 1 week for comments. After the comment period is over, the officers will make a final decision on whether you will be re-admitted to the guild.

  3. Language policy: “Mature” conversation in guild chat does not mean “anything goes”. Raunchy, over-the-top guild chat will NOT be tolerated. Officers will give warnings to offending members and repeat offenders will be removed from the guild. If you have any doubts as to what is appropriate, ask an officer first. Chances are that if you feel the need to ask, it’s probably not appropriate for general guild chat. Use whispers to folks that you know for the more risque stuff. “Leet” in guild chat will not be permitted as many of us are too old and cranky to translate what it says.

  4. Non-standard character naming: ASCII characters in names are not permitted as typing them requires a level of technical expertise that many of our members to not have. This rule hails back to GOML’s creation and continues even though Blizzard no longer enforces it. Feel free to name your character anything you like that isn’t derogatory, but if you want to be in GOML, leave the non-standard characters out please. (If you have a non-standard character name and wish to join, you may petition a GM for a free name change. Simply say that the guild you wish to join adheres to the original Terms of Service regarding naming violations.)

*Revised to include policy on recruitment and naming conventions.
**Revised for the Discord switch.
***Revised to remove multi-game policies as most/all members play WoW
****Last revised 12/8/2020 Gummer