eggplant sandwiches

An obvious recipe (needed for those of us with brain damage):

Ingredients (doh!)

Ground Flax seed mixed with Bread crumbs
Plant Butter
Soy Chorizo

Tools (more doh!)

9” cast iron pan
High-heat nylon turner
Cutting board
Ultra-sharp knives
A human capable of using the knives without bloodshed

The eggplant was sliced roughly 1/16” to 1/8” thick after the peel was removed.

A batter is created from one egg and what appears to be a reasonable balance of mayo.

The slices are dipped into the batter then breaded with the flax mixture.

The propane stove was used at a setting of 4.

A pat of butter (approx 1 tsp) is melted in the pan. Up to 6 slices are cooked at once. Each slice is flipped once. Each side is heated for several minutes. The flax coating is never burnt.
Completed slices are placed in a medium-size resealable plastic box for refrigerating the leftovers.

After all slices are prepared and covered to keep hot, the chorizo is heated. The heated chorizo is placed in a small-size resealable plastic box.

The boxes are used for serving purposes. All leftover meals are served cold.

I use cheese slices and mayo and either yellow mustard or curried mustard depending on my mood on the sandwich.

One eggplant is good for roughly 10 sandwiches, as is one package of chorizo.