I am a applying to this guild because it is the guild schizix is in and i started a character on this server to explicitly play with him he is a co-worker from work.

I am 26 years old (almost 27). I started playing WoW just before BC launched (tried earlier but computer could not handle it) i raided fairly hardcore in in BC got down brutalis in sunwell. stopped playing wow actively sometime into lichking and just returning to the game. I have played all sorts of other games as well, lately has been league of legends and paragon. This toon/server will probably not be my main, so i am just looking for a very laid back guild to hang out and have fun with, that does not have raid attendance restrictions.


We are certainly a casual guild with no demands of your time. Just good people, playing wow. Sometimes we kill bosses, but even that is just for fun. :wink:

Next time you’re online, just message any member to be directed to an officer, or make Schiz smack one of us and we’ll give you the quick rundown and invite. :wink:

Welcome to the lawn! =D