DMikulasr in game Kaldordrago

First of sorry I didn’t read the portion about forum name and in game name matching. This is my stock forum name so it was force of habit creating it as this.

My RL name is Dennis, I’m kind of ashamed to say how long I’ve played wow but if you look at my feat’s of strength you can get a sense of it. I stopped doing /played in Mist’s it was starting to depress me.

I haven’t played recently though. I made it through most of the Mist’s content but the expansion bored me then Warlords was also just kinda meh. I’m RL friends with Aristele and Aderynn. That’s how I ended up here.

In the real world I am a database administrator by trade so my hours are some times 70 hours a week or 10 depending on how often things break. I starting playing in a combat LARP here in Kansas City last year and have really enjoyed it. If you have any interest in the world of LARPing I highly recommend it, once you get past someone throwing a packet at you while saying something like fireball it’s loads of fun.

PS My in game name is not in reference to Game of Thrones, and I know it’s misspelled the correct way was taken.

No worries at all about the name thing, you would not be the first to miss that, lol! I would suggest that you add your ingame name to your forum signature though, so that when you do chat on the forums guildies don’t go “and wtf is this… oh Kal?” xD

Also no worries on be outted as a long time player. This guild may very well have more vanilla players than any other in the game. =D

Next time you’re online, just ask anyone in the guild to be directed to an officer for a quick and mostly painless interview/invite. Or just tell Aderynn to log on and do it, that works too. =P

(might be better off finding a not Ad-officer unless it’s Tuesday evening, because it’s convention week) :smiley: