Dear GoML!

So, Aqurien here.
The Tanaris forums have been active for quite a while, as some people may know, and I was wondering if your guild information is still accurate.

Here’s what I’ve got;

Get Off My Lawn
Contacts: Renora, Gummer, Mikey, Mirosa, Balsa, Aulm or Ryla

I’m also now adding a motto, message, or something you’d want people to know about your guild to the list, so it’d be awesome if you guys could update me on this.

Thanks for updating the guild information list, Aq.

Our contact information is correct except for Balsa-please change this to “Moogy”

We’d like people to know that we are a “Casual guild for players age 25 and over”

Thanks much!


Thank you for the quick response, and thank you for helping me keep the thread updated!

Go Aquarion! (probably NSFW)

Summary courtesy of
“Teenagers with Psychic Powers pilot an orgasm-powered Super Robot to fight evil Shadow Angels from Atlandia who feed on human lifeforce.”

Awgy <----- and that’s my husband! I’ll have to uhm… beat him for that post later xD

Also, thanks a bunch for keeping this list going. I know it’s had many caretakers over the years and I’m glad to see it still trucking along thanks to you! =D