Dear GOML please read

I wont be playing much for a while, as some of you know i have left the love of my life and had to move on. Its still hard for me the days and nights seem endless, my whole world feels empty. but it was the best thing i ever did for my daughter.
I just need time to heal and for four years I used wow to hide how i was hurting inside. So i need to take a break step back and re-evaluate my life for my little girl who is the every reason i live and breath each day.
I hope that you all understand I am by no means leaving the game or the guild but as of now im bouncing around from place to place trying to work all i can to save enough money to get a new home. Since i busted my butt for the farm and the truck for angela i thought it would be better to let her have everything and just start over fresh.
Hope you understand love yall and be good i will log in periodically to say hello when im at my brothers or my moms


Of course we understand. Take care of yourself and your little girl.

Hope we see you soon!

Best wishes, Dun.

Take care and best wishes Dunt.

Hoping everything works out, keep your head up. Wishing you and your lovely little girl a very Merry Christmas.

Hey man … Sorry to hear … I was in pretty much the exact same boat back several years ago and very much feel your pain. Very hard esp. this time of year. That being said, if you are up late one night and see me on vent … hop on if you need to bend a sympathetic ear … :slight_smile:

Hope you and your daughter have a good Christmas in spite of the circumstances …