Button's Haiku Corner!

“Uldum Treasures”

A sarcophagus
What mysteries does it hold?
Oh. Just Brann Bronzebeard.

“Organic Seismograph”

Some scary rumbling.
Can anyone else hear that
reaver on my head?

“Elemental Plateau”

‘Farm them in Nagrand
You will have them in no time!’
Stupid Primal Might.

I very much
approve of Button’s
Haiku corner.

Mirosa you nub
I know you’re trying, but that
was not a Haiku


I know that mikey… I was trying to be ‘cute’ without falling into Button’s twisted little world of poetry.

Gratz on being a sucker! mwhahaha

This is cheating, but who can resist the Haiku-O-Matic?
Not as clever as Button, but all I had to do was push a button!

I will marry you

And we’ll move to an island

We’ll have lots of cats.

“More questions than answers”

Clanks from the forest
in the dappled morning light
a wolf in steel pants

One for all our druid friends!


An angry hooting
heavenly fire upon us

“As was the style at the time”

Back in my day, we
wore kleenex boxes for shoes
Now get off my lawn.

Cataclysm here
Can’t afford the monthly fee
I miss all my toons

“Questionable Profession Choice”

Mighty Paladin
Blessed Warrior of Light
Knit me a sweater

“Boots: iLevel 277”

Snow blankets the ground
Lich King’s grip must be loosened
I can’t feel my feet.

“Daily Jewelcrafting Quest”

Who is this Lila–
Another timeless nightstone?
How bout a gift card?

“Coming of Age”

Twelve generations
stretching back to last Tuesday
of the Deepholm Glops

It is not Haiku
But it still made me think of
Button’s Haiku Thread

lol, Button your a nut :slight_smile:

“Projectile Weaponry”

‘I need a weapon.
Button, please craft me a bow.’
Engineering yay!

Haiku fail!!

“Time to Upgrade IE”

The bank is empty
Where did all of our stuff go?
Guild master: “Ni hao!”