Hi. I’m Nate. I’m old, curmudgeonly, and generally cranky at all the kids these days.

I played WoW when it we had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to the quest giver (Wrath), and now I’m back for some more in the Shadowlands. I’m a casual player - I have progression raided, but after marriage + kid, it’s hard to get time to devote 6+ hours to a raid. So I like to do stuff like, old dungeons ('MEMBER?!), current 5-mans, social-stuff, help other people, and hit people with my cane.

My kid is 1. He is already better than me at PvP.

Outside of this, I’m old enough that I stopped doing anything useful and became one of those “Senior Manager” people at a tech firm. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m pointy-haired boss. I’m also kindof okay with this, as long as I still get to participate in office nerf battles. Well. Pre-Corona. Now I’ve broken three of those monitor-screen-things by throwing balls at people. I don’t get how this “Boomer” web conference thing works, but people keep telling me it’s “OK”.

I like to tank and deal. DPS is boring, but I’ll do it, FOR THE HORD-OH GOD MY BACK.

Also. I am RL friends with Kayse. I don’t know if she’s told you her real name. I probably wouldn’t, you might be scary people.

Hope I’ll find out.

Oh man, I have to let you in now because you dropped my name. YOU BETTER BEHAVE.


Approved and such by me.