Hello, I have been looking for a new guild as the one I have been in has gradually declined to where we usually have about 3 people playing tops. I am, lets say, old enough to have had an AARP card for awhile. I play on Whisperwind and Dentarg. I don’t remember the first album I owned. My brother and I were classical music nerds. He played principal french horn in a symphony (not a major one but still impressive). It might have been a symphony but I enjoyed the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. The question what is your favorite color makes no sense to me. My car is red, but I wouldn’t paint my house that color. I like earth tones for shirts. I have played Lode Runner on an Atari 800. My son and I played Quest for Glory, and then all the Age of Mythology series. I started playing WOW in wrath. My son also plays but he unfortunately lives 3000 miles away. I have avoided dungeons and raiding and like leveling and professions. I currently have max level Alliance toons of every class. Because titles and professions are gated behind dungeons now I have done more in Legion than all the previous expansions combined. All LFG since my guild doesn’t even have 5 members. I have no interest in a fixed raid night, especially if it’s Tuesday as I have a commitment that night, but would be willing to join a group or get help if I am available. I also have a horde DK and a few lower level horde toons. I don’t know if I will finish leveling them anytime soon, if ever, but will probably keep playing the horde DK.


We are a guild that accepts all skill levels & playstyles. Mainly we’re a social guild, but we have a lot of ex-raiders who do still run the harder content should you become more interested. =) Our peak population times are Tuesday/Thursday when we do the Learn2Raid (and various 5 man groups after that.), but you’ll find guildies on most nights between 5pm-midnight pst. Our guild is pretty evenly spread out over the 4 North American timezones, so unless you’re on at unusual times, you shouldn’t see too many tumbleweeds. =D

Next time you’re online just do a /who Get Off My Lawn to find online members and ask to be directed to an officer. It you have any difficulty finding one of us, just post a good time here and I’ll be glad to hop on.