Greets and Salus,
Started a toon on Tanaris (WoW) because my buddy Wook plays here. He says you guys are pretty hassle-free and generally a GREAT guild and group of folks.

As far as the age requirement… Don McLean, Roberta Flack and Sammy Davis Jr. were on the Billboard Top 5 charts the year I was born.

Elder is the toon on Tanaris, Vorp #1824 is my Blizzard Battletag. EatYourBrain is my Steam name. Alex is what most folks call me.

See you in game…


But what… is your favorite color? =O

We are indeed, hassle-free, well, after we run you through the wringer for a quick interview, that is. We have to keep the kiddies out somehow, and that usually does the trick. xD

Next time you’re on, do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask anyone on the list for an officer who can do the interview. If you find that you have any trouble finding someone, just drop a note here and one of us will arrange to be online. Holidays… you know how it is. =)

Interviewed and approved by Mir =D Welcome!

Alrighty then!