My name is John and I have been gaming since the middle 70’s. In fact the JET part of my usual screen names comes from the days of arcade games with three letter high-score names. When you personally bested and took the top 2 or 3 high-scores you wanted bragging rights. So I needed a cool one and it dawned on me that first three initials were JET and i have been that or some form of JETsIn ever since. LOL I have a cat as a pet but am a dog lover. The first album I ever owned was Aerosmith Live:Bootleg and my fav color is blue. If you want to know more please be careful with the prodding by pointy stick. :slight_smile: I was reffered to this guild by WooksterJB (SN from WOW) who I actually know personally.



You certainly win the best short app award! Everything answered, tons of personality and well, old time arcade = street cred! xD

Please do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask any member to be directed to an officer for a short and painless interview. Well, unless you get me. I have the curse of gabbiness and for some reason, tend to go long… like touchdown long. =P


Hi Mir,

Thanks for the award. It wasn’t my intention to be short just tried to get the relevant facts out there while complying with the forum standards. lol I will talk to my friend who is a member to have him direct me to an officer. Gabbiness is not a curse, always, as I have that affliction as well.