Application: Zander


I’m Zander, Kit said this is where i could find cool peeps so here i am. My first CD was the MIB soundtrack but i think my first Cassette tape was Criss Cross, and my favorite color is either red or green depending on the day.

I cut my Gaming teeth on Halo and other FPS games, but I enjoy most categories of games as my steam library can attest. My MMO experience includes about 4 weeks of vanilla WOW leading up to BC, at which point my compy refused to play it anymore. A butt load of Destiny…what its an MMO, kinda. And most recently little over 2.5 years FF XIV, where i play my cute cat girl.

I’ve just recently turned 38, figured I should put that out there, and got back into wow after the lore videos kept showing up on my YT feed and now im deep down that rabbit hole. I also have a Philosophy degree (BA not BS, sorry i tried to make it happen but ran out of loans) and have both ADHD and OCD so if you need someone to go off on random tangents about inane tiny definitions, I’m your man.

Hope to get to meet you all soon!