Application: Uphie


I’m Uphie, getting back into WoW after playing a bit in Shadowlands. I raided back in Legion, so it’s been a bit, and there’s a lot of new stuff I’m working on picking up! I’m IRL friends with Zirn, Rita, and Lionel/CatDad, as well as former FFXIV raiders (I’m Lionel’s co-healer <3). I also have a few IRL friends in a guild in Area52 that I spend a good deal of time with. I’d like to learn enough of WoW again that I can be depended on for M+ or Raiding purposes, and also so that I’m not as embarrassed when I wipe the party.

Uhhhh I’m relatively calm-appearing due to social anxiety and a plethora of mental disorders (teehee), but I’ll warm up eventually. You’ll probably find that I’m just an idiot crybaby, regardless of how old I am/will be.

I have no pets because I am allergic. It is heartbreaking, so I fill the void with stuffed animals. Most of them have names and backstories, and we have enough to the point that there’s a room in our house named “The Comfy Room” because it’s just full of stuffies and blankets and pillows and manga.

Got into gaming back with Project Ragnarok Online and StarCraft: Brood War–the custom games were BUSSIN’ and sadly the custom games in SC2 just never seemed to live up to it :frowning: I work in video games now, so it all paid off(??). I imagine she wants a butter keeper for keeping butter. Keeping it at room temp keeps it nice and spreadable for breads and pastries, and baking cookies and such, and the bell-style beurrier keeps butter good for like a month.

A million billion dollars with a very specific island would lend itself to like either a pirate-themed amusement park or a bad-guy lair where I’m not really EVIL I just like the aesthetic. Obviously I’d need henchmen and such (all paid fairly), and would likely lay traps that aren’t really DANGEROUS so much as they’d be annoying. Like a quicksand trap but its edible cookie crumbs. Idk mang.

I’m pretty bad at unspecified discussion so thanks for including some questions/topics. Feel free to AMA, I’ll answer pretty much any question.

FUCKFUCKFUCK I FAILED TO ANSWER THE TWO ACTUALLY MANDATORY THINGS: idk if I ever bought like a full album, I usually get individual songs digitally? Closest thing is Infinity on High from Fall Out Boy. Blue.

Coolio, We’ll get cha in the guild.