Application: tokyoincode


My name is Kevin and I have been playing World of Warcraft on and off for about 11 years. I saw SandraRosner’s post on Reddit and wanted to apply to GOML because I am looking for a friendly and casual guild. I am visually impaired but that has not stopped me from enjoying the game over the years. Oh, and making lots of mistakes in raids and instances. :slight_smile:

I am 28 years, married and currently work in Tokyo as a web developer; I’ve been living here for four years so far. I will try to adjust my schedule as much as possible; however, thanks to the large time difference, that might be a bit difficult (at least as far as weekdays are concerned).

Many of my characters are Alliance, but I will be more than happy to move my priest over or just create a new character (edited).

Thank you!

Curious, what is this reddit post that you mentioned?

Hi Kevin!

Welcome to the lawn. =D Our highest population times tend to be between 5:30pst - 10:00pst if you want to try to catch one of us for a quick interview. Otherwise, I work from home and can hop in game pretty much anytime after noon pst since I’m west coast right up to about 10:00pst, just let me know a good time that works for you.

I would definitely suggest making an alt just to make sure that we’re active during your preferred playtime. If you enjoy it over here, then bring your priest on over anytime. =D

(For Jitlok: I PM’d you the link)

Interviewed and approved by Mir. Welcome to the guild. =D

Oh… and those two freaks on mumble you might have run into tonight, pay them no mind. xD They came with the guild and won’t leave. /shrugs. At least they match to guild theme by being grumpy & cantankerous. One of them is also my husband, so if they ever come across as rude, I can beat at least one of them. =P

Welcome to the guild!

I am curious about this reddit post now too. Someone send me a link? edit: nevermind I found it :stuck_out_tongue: