Application for Runninwater

Hello there!! I am applying to GOML once again. I used to be a guild member quite a long time ago and took a break from the game for several years. I began playing right before the first expansion hit after being pestered to try this new “MMORPG” he was playing. After him giving me the trial disc I was hooked! I was here as Macmurhpy when I was a member before but like I said, it was quite a while ago. So I’ll re-introduce myself.

I play a Druid as my main but I’ve played a few different classes.
My first album was Rock and Roll over by KISS. Actually, it was my first cassette. The first album I owned was probably KISS ALIVE.

I dont have any good Hooveround or Jazzy stories as of yet but those days are probably closer now than they were the last time I applied.

I am a casual player, pretty quite but always willing to help out where I can.

Thanks for your time!!

P.S. It wasn’t until I posted this and my screen name as Macmurphy popped up I remembered that character… lol

Hey Runninwater,

Thanks for the application whenever your online, do a /who Get off my lawn and look for me Lionel or Monchichi, or any officer that may be on and they will get you squared away.


Hey there! I was trying to find you in game to do a quick interview since Makken mentioned you couldn’t find me with a search…and somehow I’m not having any luck. Are you on Tanaris? Or Greymane? I know the first time you were in the guild (waaaaaay back in the day, before you were in again on Mac) you had a g in Runningwater (or at least that’s what the original app said). So I tried searching it that way too and nada. :frowning: I’ll try again in a bit, and feel free to reach out again later if one of us can’t find you properly.

and thanks to a little extra help from Alaval, we’ve got him in, welcome back!