Application for Rapallo

A player since launch that has left and returned to the game many times, usually on Alliance side. Currently looking for a large, social guild to hang out with and experience the game in a different way since most of my previous time was with very small guilds of friends and/or progression raiders (though that was way back in LK).

Very laid back and interested in interacting with lots of folks and seeing the game more from Horde-side. Plus I really think the guild name is great. Looking forward to hanging with you guys.

Hi Rapallo,

Apologies for the delayed response, sometimes adulting gets the best of us. =D

The next time you’re online, please do a /Get Off My Lawn and ask any member if an officer is available for a quick interview. Nothing too involved, just a 3 hour Q&A ranging from where you see yourself in 5 years, to your shoe size, to your opinion on the best pizza topping (hint, its banana peppers). No, wait… we did away with the long form interview (such a shame, right?), but do budget about 10 minutes just to get the low down on the guild rules and to ask any of the above questions of your interviewer, should you so choose. =D