Application for Kayletta, Jesyra

Good evening fellow codgers!

Okay, so, I’m not really a codger. I’m in disguise. However, I am old enough to to apply, and drink, and so I’ll be doing both of those things.

How does one know I’m not actually a codger? It’s simple. I’ve never, ever owned an actual album. My first music containing device was a radio-recorded cassette tape and I barely made it for that music era. My first CD was spice girls. No, sorry, I’m not kidding, but I AM sorry.

If that hasn’t stroked you out, allow me to pontificate on myself for a moment so that you can better understand what’s knocking on your door.

I’m married (to Leanah who is also applying) and I have 2 kiddos of ages 18 and 16. I started early so at 40, this girl is a free bird! It would be socially unacceptable to be looking forward to not having raging teenage hormones in my house, so instead I’ll say I am mentally preparing myself for an empty nest.

I am a software engineer. This does not mean I am smart or logical. Just that I am good with computers and I excel at bullshit which has landed me a hefty salary and a work-from-home job that means I occasionally multi-task and work while I play Wow for $50/hr. I have previously worked as a game designer on the indie MMO The Repopulation. I also used to be a pharmacy tech. And I once got into a sour cream versus guacamole fight with my shift manager at taco bell. If you didn’t know, those condiments are delivered with something similar to caulking guns. Shenanigans did ensue.

I wine. Alot. No, that was not a typo. Red is my favorite color. It’s also my favorite wine color. Actually its my favorite color because its my favorite wine color because otherwise having a serious color preference while knocking on 40’s door is a little silly.

I try not to take anything seriously unless forced or a matter of human dignity. Dignity is worth fighting for; very few other things make that list.

I also actively use semicolons in written correspondence and use words like behoove in normal conversation. This is just who I am; don’t question my weird linguistical vibes.

My gaming history began with pong, I think. Okay, that’s probably too far back. I started MMOs in 2003 with Shadowbane. I loved it. Mass murder, destroying cities, teabagging my enemies… okay so that last part is a lie, I don’t believe in teabagging, but I absolutely engaged in the systematic destruction of anyone who was not my guild or allies. Thankfully, Wow doesn’t quite have that - I don’t think I can survive 3am banes again. From Shadowbane, I moved to Wow, met Leanah, and we caroused through the highlights of AAA MMOs from 2006 (Warhammer, Conan, Eve, GW, GW2, and more I’ve willfully forgotten) until whenever SWTOR came out. We’ve been outside the gaming world for a few years now, but bars are expensive and people are annoying, so we’re back to the virtual spaces.

Info about my toons: My main is Jesyra, resto shammy and off enhance, but I have always absolutely gone by Kayletta, the name of my warlock of doom. Both toons are on Tanaris, horde side. My ally versions are not being played this xpac but exist on Arygos with our Wrath-old defunct raiding guild.

P.S. Arryianna has been a gem in the mornings while we wait for Blanchy. We have determined Blanchy ended up in Revendreth due to issues with time management and a distinct lack of consideration for others. She makes you wait for hours.

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Greetings and Salutations!

Thank you for your detailed application! Hmm…Kayletta? It’s like if Mikey (Gomletta) and me Kayse had a baby… or maybe that would be our celebrity couple name?

Next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. I can pop on now for 15 minutes as well to interview if you would like.


Leanah and I (Jesyra) are both on now and would love to chat.