Application for Bronti


I’ve been looking for a friendly, active, slightly screwy and occasionally silly guild of people in my age group for quite a while now, and now that I’ve found what appears to be it, I am willing to push my main, a sweet innocent ally mage, into the abyss of the Horde.

I’ve been around since BC. My daughter got me into WoW when she was in HS and we played together for years. When my husband was out of town, I used to let her ditch school for 24 hour marathons fueled by laughter and chinese food (don’t worry, she still got into a good college haha.) After she got too busy to play (and my boys only ever played console games) I was with a guild on Sisters of Elune for many years, then life got busy, I was off and on for the next few years. Coming back after one almost-12 month absence, it became clear that the guild had become a mausoleum of mostly non-actives and old alts. I’ve come back for months at a time but sadly, it just isn’t fun being solo 100% of the time, and I’m not crazy about the pug groups focus nowadays on no-communication-speed-runs. The social aspect of WoW has really changed over the years and I think a good guild & in-game peeps is a necessity now. With that in mind, I’m ready put guild / server / faction loyalty aside. Ive never played horde, but only bc Im lazy and never wanted to bother learning the Horde cities & flight points, but no better time, right?

Anyway, about me: hmmm, first album I spent my own money on was Fleetwood Mac Rumours; I grew up at the beach in SoCal and was an all outdoors girl interested in skiing (water) and surfer boys. I thought video games were for losers until my daughter brought WoW home, in fact, but after that I was obsessed even to the point of learning to build PCs myself so that I could always have a high-end rig to run the games I want to play (my hubs is a non-gaming sweetheart whose criteria for replacing electronics is “Does it still work?”) Nowadays I play several games, mostly single player - WoW is really the only MMO I’ve been long term faithful to.

By profession I am a writer (hence this long-winded application,) I have a fairly cheeky sense of humour, am easy-going about most things. I now live in the pacific northwest, eat dinner at about 4 - 5 pm (practising for retirement) and after dinner am usually to be found drinking a whiskey and either reading or gaming.

I realize I must do an in-game interview so after the initial go-ahead here, I’ll server and faction transfer and look for a guild officer in game.

PS:::: Hey! You have a board for cooking, my only other real hobby! ohmygod, I really am old.


Thank you for your detailed application! There’s a bunch of us located here in the PNW and the GM and I are also writers! Not full time, but hey a girl can dream, right? I also enjoy whiskey so I’m kinda already thinking you might have an instant IN with us.

If you aren’t on the server yet…and would feel more comfortable I can set up an interview in our discord or Or if you’re ready to take the next step and server/faction changes…next time you’re online, just do a /who Get Off My Lawn and ask to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless interview. Should you have any trouble getting a hold of one of us, just post a good time to meet up in-game and one of us will hop on. I’ll also be around this evening if you wish to bother me for an interview/invite. :wink:


I’m just going to make sure…Tanaris HORDE right? It would be just like me to server-transfer to a wrong server because I was distracted by my schnauzer or something. NM - Iooked up the guild and I’ve transferred. Gads it’s like a whole different game when you trade to a faction you’ve never played LOL

Yep! We’re on Tanaris on the HORDE side.

I will be on tonight if you want to do an interview! Most likely as Kayse!

Sorry I wasnt on much last night. I need to spend some time exploring the Horde areas to get to a point where I don’t feel like it’s a twilight version of the WoW I’m used to - gonna start that process tonight, so I’ll check to see if you’re on…if not, I’m sure I’ll catch you soon enough. In game is also Bronti.

Hoping to catch someone online tonight! I’m West Coast :slight_smile: