Application: Claw

Hello! After updating my PC from Windows XP and the dust had settled I figured booting into Wow would be fun… Actually, a very long-term Wow player looking to change some things around and apply to a guild I’ve been around for a long time. I’m 26 years old, started playing on Tanaris back in Wrath days clearing ICC and Naxx. (Attempted Ulduar, but went back to Naxx to farm for a few more weeks…:smiley: ) So though I’m younger playing with the old farts of WoW for so long has made me 40 at heart.

A little bit about me. New dad looking for a way to relax in the evenings and pass the time at night as I work night shifts. I’m a big family man, and am not ashamed to admit it! From what I have read and know of GOML next to sarcasm having a sense of community is what I’m looking for.

Absolutely willing to answer any/all questions one may have. Over chat or Discord call.
Discord: Shifty6796

Hi Claw, thanks for the interest. Over the next few days, do a /who Lawn and look for a toon named Sim_______ (that’s me, most likely Simbru) in the midafternoons to evenings, then poke me. We’ll have a brief conversation to see if there’s mutual interest. :slight_smile: