Hello I’m 60 years old have started playing during the end of classic. took a few years off here and there. came back and am looking for the no drama social guild. still work and take care of my grandson so my time to play is erratic. early mornings weeknights and any time on weekends. pvp is my favorite thing to do but well help out with other events when i can.

Hi Arell!

Welcome to our little slice of no drama heaven. =D Next time you’re online, just message anyone in guild (/who Get Off My Lawn), to be directed to an officer for a quick interview. Just as a heads-up, while we have members who do play in the mornings, our higher population time is in the evenings. If you have any trouble finding an officer, give a try after 5:00pst/8:00est. You can also post a time you’ll be on and one of us can try to hop on. =)