App ... Nykolaz-Greymane

My wife, Mischievous, and I are both applying…

I’ve been on WOW off and on for nearly 15 years. I’m predominantly FOR THE HORDE, but I do have a few toons on the Alliance side though anyone who talks to me knows my preference is the Horde. I play better than expected for a 47 year old, legally blind guy though in a dungeon, friends let me run into a wall a few minutes while they laughed and laughed even harder when I made a comment to the effect of, “My God, how long IS this tunnel!?” But I’m definitely a team player, am often willing to help out, happy to “peel for my heal” (Unholy DK), and I never leave anyone behind. You’ll usually find me at the back running along keeping mobs off the healer from point to point. I’d rather experience the game than rush through and not even know what happened. Unlike kids, I know it’s about the adventure, not just getting there.

I’ve been a gamer since PONG. LOL! My late sister and I used to spend all of our allowance on Foosball and Donkey Kong. As gaming developed, she lost interest, but I moved from arcade to PC. I was a gamer nerd before gamer nerd was cool. Can’t say much about how Micah, my cat, would do as a warlock, but Feral Druid would have been a possibility 9 years ago before he got fat, lazy, and spoiled. :slight_smile:

As far as a butter keeper goes, who doesn’t appreciate fresh, REAL butter?

Hey Nykolaz,

Oh, you’ll be in perfect company here. We all grab agro… err, dps taunt to save our healers! xD
Please message anyone in guild the next time you’re online for an officer.

Also, thanks for hanging in there with our little verification email issue!

Will do! Thanks so much! And love the image there to the side… Optimist Park is actually in my home state, (Raleigh) North Carolina!