Ainnir's cheap Irish chili

I love cooking, and even though I’m not a member (yet!), I would like to share my favorite recipe with you: cheap Irish chili, like I used to make it back in college.

You will need:
4lbs of ground beef
4lbs of beans (kidney, pinto & baked)
1 big can of Guinness
Chili mix & a small can of tomato sauce
add onions, garlic & spices to flavor

Preparation is very simple:
Mix beef, onion, garlic & spices in pan and cook until done (I prefer to use a wok, since it’s big).
Pour in can of Guinness, tomato sauce and chili mix, stir well and let simmer for a bit.
Mix in beans and stir, cook for another 10 mins while stirring.

This will feed 2 people for 5 days, and add a +4 spirit bonus :wink:


You had me at Guinness! /drool