Addicting chocolate sugery snack

My mom used to make this around Christmas time. She called it Puppychow. I’m not sure how it got that name considering it doesn’t look like dog food and I don’t think it tastes like it, but who knows. It’s terribly addicting and really good so be careful :wink: I think the recipe or one close to it is actually on the Crispix box or it used to be.

1 box of corn Crispix (smaller of the box sizes)
11.5 oz bag of chocolate chips (milk, dark, whatever)
(I’m not sure how much, I usually just eye it) Powdered sugar

Start by melting the chocolate. I usually use a double boiler method. (I boil water in a pot then place a clear glass bowl over the pot. Put the whole bag of chocolate chips in the bowl and stir.) I usually add a half a stick of butter to the chocolate so it doesn’t clump up or burn.

Pour the whole box of Crispix into a large bowl. Once the chocolate is melted pour some of the chocolate over the Crispix and stir carefully (Don’t want to break the pieces!). Keep adding chocolate until all the pieces of Crispix are covered in melted chocolate.

Dump the chocolate covered Crispix into a paper bag and add the powdered sugar. You’ll want to do this while the chocolate is still warm. Close the bag and shake. Continue until all the pieces are completely white and sugar coated.

Now you have a sugary addicting snack! It’s rather messy but very good! My mom has added peanut butter into the chocolate as well when melting, so that’s an option.