Zirn Application

Yo! Friend of O_Connell from FF14, returning to WoW after a break since Legion. I’ve been a huge WoW lore nerd since middle school (oh god why was that 15 years ago what the hell). I’m 28 going on 65, and you can usually catch me with a pair of fuzzy slipper on and a bowl of Werthers Originals at the ready.

I’m losing my mind over Dragonflight, since I used to spend hours and hours poring over talent trees in Wrath, figuring out which would be optimal, and getting to do that again is even more nostalgic that Wrath Classic is. Even with that though, one of my fondest memories of WoW will always be levelling in the Hinterlands while someone in the random guild I joined ran a big game of WoW trivia. MMO’s just hit differently sometimes.
I’m a bit of an MMO junkie, having started with Runescape, then WoW, GW2, ESO and finally FF14. I’m a firm believer that there is no “best” MMO- they each offer something different and have their own strengths and weaknesses.
WoW’s focus on questing and dungeons have always drawn me in, and while I never did more than heroic dungeons and LFR raids before, after my experience with O_Connell in Savage FF14, I’m looking forward to trying out some of the more difficult content in WoW!

Don’t remember the first specific album I bought, but the big thing that comes to mind is that my first big music purchase when I got a job was the complete discography of Jonathan Coulton. I had some of his songs beforehand, but I wanted em all.
…Actually, wait, I don’t remember if I bought it or if it was bought for me, but before then, I used to put on the Shrek 1&2 soundtracks on shuffle loop, because those soundtracks went way harder then they had any right to.
My favorite color is green, because there’s something that feels good about seeing lush, vibrant landscapes.

Thanks for submitting an application. Either I or one of the guild officers will get in contact with you for an Interview.

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