Zanger looking for home

I just came back to wow few months ago. Been gone since Lich King. Zanger was my name back in day but couldn’t get it back so now I’m TheZanger.
I joined West cost server to play with family but they have quit playing. I decided to transfer to East coast server to get on my time schedule.

I used to play Battlefield with clan named GOML and was drawn to you. Still have the real dog tags we made as clan
i’m 47 and would like to start running dungeons again. I"m not much into running pugs as smart ass punks get on my nerves to bad.



Welcome to the lawn. Next time you’re online, just message anyone in Goml to be directed to an officer for a quick and painless (mostly) interview. Most of us will be in the Learn2Raid until 8:00pst tonight though, and will be unable to do interviews at that time. =D

I noticed that you haven’t made it into the guild yet. If you’re having any difficulty finding an officer online when you play, just let me know. One of us can be on at a time that works for you.

I’ve been off and on in evenings. I’ll keep looking for you. looks like rain this week hopefully i’ll be on more. I’ll keep looking for someone.

So I’ve not seen anybody on. I’ve looked multiple times in evening. Is there a certain time that you raid or get together.

It would be very unlikely for there to be no one online. Try typing /who Get Off My Lawn … that should get results pretty much any time off day. Then you can message any member to see if there is an officer around to do the interview. If you are still having trouble you can add me as a friend Ryla-Tanaris, although I will be away camping this weekend, hopefully I can connect with you before I leave.

I’ll also be around a bit more through the holiday weekend, so keep an eye out for Aderynn-Tanaris

I should be on in in the very least. If anyone in guild sees me on, just ping me and I’ll hop over to WoW. Or check on mumble, I try to sit in there anytime I’m not fully focused on work for just this reason. =D Mirosa#1478

Ack, he found me! :smiley: Welcome to the guild!


Welcome to the guild Zanger!

Welcome to the Lawn!