Zako's Hawaiian shrimp truck scampi

As a few of you know my mom and I grew up in Honolulu. There is a famous “shrimp truck” on the north shore and this is a home recipe. If you aren’t a huge fan of shrimp and garlic this is not for you. If you hate to get your hands dirty while eating don’t try this at home. This dish is traditionally served over sticky rice but pasta may work too. I like calrose rice as its what I ate growing up, Its sticky and easily found in mainland grocery stores.

1/4 cup Olive oil per person
Juice of one lemon person
2 tablespoons of white wine per person
1 bulb of garlic minced per person (yes the entire bulb and not a clove per person! I said you have to like garlic!)
1 tablespoon of paprika per person
a dozen shrimp, the biggest buggers you can find! The bigger the better. shell on and deveined works best

put everything in a large pan or wok. Bring the oil up to high heat slowly and watch so you don’t burn the garlic! Once the oil is very hot, add the shrimp and cook until done. Be careful not to overcook the shrimp as they will turn rubbery. Serve the shrimp and oil and garlic over sticky rice and add soy sauce to taste. Enjoy the taste of the North Shore!