"You are not authorised to read this forum."

Aderynn mentioned that there may be some dps spots open in one of the Thursday night raids. She sent me the link to the sign-up post, but I seem to be an unauthorized visitor :confused:. Here’s the post I was unable to access: http://forums.moveoutofthefire.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1156

Might anyone be able to assist me with becoming a fully-fledged forum member?


you must have been demoted due to inactivity on the forums. I’ll make sure you get access back. This time, try to log into the forums once every few months lmao I swear there is good stuff in here, like cookies!


Thanks Mir!

I’ll be a good guildy and log on more often :slight_smile:

Well next time I will demand brownies and/or key lime pie -.-


Mmmm… brownies… :drool:

cake > pie, but NOTHING > brownies.